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Robot Vacuum Simulator X now released!!!


Robot Vacuum Simulator is now released!

Our groundbreaking game Robot Vacuum Simulator X is finally released! Embark on a journey unlike anything you have ever played before. Experience the incredible world of Robotic Vacuum Simulation in the most realistic vacuum cleaning game ever released! The game features story mode, multiplayer, level select and credits. Experience the unprecedented realism and incredible journey you will take through the eyes of a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner.

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Stolidus Simulations is the worlds premier Robotic Vacuum Simulation company. We create experiences that will transform you, your view on the world and how you see your robotic vacuum cleaner forever. Our three games RVS2012, RVS2013 og RVSX is regarded as some of the finest work in the Robotic Vacuum Cleaning genre.

“The Citizen Kane 3D of games.”

Rock, paper, shotgun on Robot Vacuum Simulator 2013

“What would it be like to be a Roomba? Now we finally have an answer thanks to Stolidus Simulations”

The Verge regarding Robot Vacuum Simulator 2013

“The most life changing game I`ve played in my life”

Markiplier on Robot Vacuum Simulator 2013