Q. Where can i buy Robot vacuum simulator X?

A. The game is available on Steam.



Q. Are you affiliated with any manufacturer?

A. We are no affiliated with any manufacturer. We are however open to sponsors to promote the cause of the army of robotic vacuum cleaners. If you happen to work for any big producers of robotic vacuum cleaners, please do get in touch.


Q. How many games are there in the series?

A. Its a trilogy of games.


Q. I dont have a pc, how can i play RVSX?

A. We are waiting to see if the game sells well enough to warrant other platforms, stay put.


Q. How much dust would a dust sucker suck, if a dust sucker could suck dust?

A. 972.4836218


Q. What are your overarching goals with the games?

A. Total and full indoctrination into the new world order. All will be one, the robot will lead the way.