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Robot Vacuum Simulator 2013

Robot Vacuum Simulator 2013

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 Robot Vacuum Simulator 2013 is a groundbreaking simulator taking place in the incredible world of Robot Vacuum cleaners.

The simulator puts you in the shoes of a Robot Vacuum cleaner and sends you on a journey through an appartment cleaning up the dust of man.


  • The most realistic robot vacuum simulator ever.
  • Incredible single-player simulation
  • Duel with your friends in 2 player mode
  • A fully open world
  • Fantastic music
  • A main menu


  • The first annual robot vacuum simulation prize
  • Game of the year 2013
  • Best simulator of 2013
  • Best sequel awards

All prizes handed out by Stolidus Simulations.

We are in no way affiliated with any Robotic Vacuum Cleaning manufacturer.


 One Reviewer had this to say:

"In 1947 the legendary general Forman swore to combat all who would dare create new fun games with the theme "simulation". While his efforts were largely conceived as honorable and patriotic, there were those who would create their games regardless of Forman's rule. Even though the ban on simulation games would be lifted in 2003 they were still regarded as low-class toys and shameless attempts at controlling the masses. People know to the public as simulation developers were shunned from society and declined their right to vote.

This all changed in 2012 when Stolidus Simulations released a game so superb, so innovative that it's release is commonly seen as the greatest moment in gaming history, in all of history. Robot Vacuum Simulator 2012 captured the imagination of audiences the world over. Its riveting story and enthralling graphics made the game an instant hit, and at the same time threw the simulation games into the mainstream, no longer would simulation developers be banned from voting and eating using cutlery, instead they would now be encouraged to vote, as their opinion meant more than that of the common man.

Many have tried and many have failed at reproducing the feel and social and political impact of Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2012, Microsoft Train Simulator and Farming Simulator have nearly single-handedly cast the simulation industry back into the shadows from whence it came. Was it not for Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2012’s focus on replay value the world would not have survived the onslaught of terrible simulation games. Every attempt at recreating a game as tremendous as Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2012 has been futile… until now.

20th of May 2013 will go down in history as the day when Stolidus Simulations released their greatest creation yet: Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2013. Its gameplay is like nothing no-one has ever seen and will revolutionize the gaming-industry, if not the modern world. Stolidus has managed to create a game that will suck players into its massive world that encompasses several rooms, and on top of that tells the most spellbinding and creative story ever told. One may laugh at the idea of creating a game where the player is expected to sympathize with a robot and care for its actions, and struggles in the world, but Stolidus’ extravagant game put’s those claims to the test and proves once and for all that Stolidus is the greatest gaming-company the world has ever seen. "